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If I have enough money, I would buy the plush of the goat mommy.
Please understand that I CANNOT date anyone in real life AND on the Internet! (The reason is because of my dad)

(Worst part is that MrWong1956 tried to get me married TO A FUCKING SEX OFFENDER!)
Me: Guys! I have a confession to make! People: What? Me: I hate The Loud House since its fandom is filled with cringeworthy fans, mary sues and pedophiles! People: *begins to beat me up* HOW DARE YOU HATE ON A BEST SHOW?! KYS! DRINK BLEACH! LEAVE DA! FUCK YOU FOR HATING THAT SHOW!
Why am I laughing at this so hard?! XD

Filename by 707Fangirl
I thought playing dead would work in the mobile version of FNAF 1 but I forgot you have to use your fingers to look around the office (in other words, It doesn't work).
Look at this cinnamon roll. My child!

Filename by 707Fangirl
*sprays Tiki with a water bottle* I heard you were thirsty for Marth.
Fuck! Team Sakura's already losing! WE CAN DO THIS TEAM SAKURA!
Scott Cawthon: You must be a hardcore FNAF World player since you got all the characters. Here's your reward. *throws a office fan at the hardcore FNAF World player*
I need a idea for my next custom Plants Vs Zombies plant. Any ideas?
Xander!Kana: Daddy. Xander: Hm? Xander!Kana: Are you going to defend me from a bunch of bullies? Xander: Yes. I'll protect you from the bad people at all costs because you're my adorable son. Xander!Kana: *giggles as he hugged his father*
Frederick and Draug are the teddy bear type in Fire Emblem.
Vaike: The Vaike wants to eat a dinosaur! Chrom: Ugh. Not again...
Fucking time of the year...

(Fuck you cramps)
(A fanmade B Support conversation between Mother!Camilla and Child!Corrin)

Avatar: *sniffle* 
Camilla: Avatar, what happened? Did someone bully you? 
Avatar: Nothing... Nothing, I'm fine. *sniffle* 
Camilla: I can see the bruises and scratches. Tell me who was mean to you. I'll teach them a lesson they won't forget. 
Avatar: Well... I was in the forest collecting fruits, and some kids came up to me. They asked where's my mommy and laughed when I said I was doing a task for mommy. Then they said they were going to hurt me. I tried to stop them... But they cornered me and said, "Babies can't tell us what to do!" and begin to beat me up. 
Camilla: Oh, how terribly rude. Did the kids got caught? 
Avatar: Yes, they did. My crying got the attention of the parents and they stopped it. 
Camilla: They sound like very mean children. But I'm relieved that the kids were caught by their parents. It was thoughtful of you to get help if they were rude. 
Avatar: I guess... 
Camilla: Avatar, don't make that face. You did the right thing. Oftentimes, people won't appreciate you, even though you're crying for help. But that's no reason to stop being thoughtful and kind to others. 
Avatar: You're right. I won't stop helping people. 
Camilla: That's wonderful to hear. Even if people don't always understand your intentions, I will. I believe in you, no matter what. Just relax, and follow your instincts. You'll always be my baby boy/girl.
Avatar: *sniffle* Thanks, Mommy.
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I'm Hoshido Trash and Nohrian Scum

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I'm a HATER of Takumi X Camilla and I'm PROUD of it!
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